25 April 2010

intro to atma

There are many places that detail the philosophy of Ayn Rand and its current day relevance. While her writings have built the foundation of my views, particularly as it applies to the "morality" of business; this is not what Atma attempts to do in its blog.

Here is where I rant. About what I enjoy the most. Business, strategy, the philosphical underpinnings of current events within the context of my core beliefs. What I envision is a southern style gumbo of wsj, unapologetic capitlism, and modern day hinduism. Only you can tell me if this needs slightly more cayenne or that we should just start over from scratch.

How do disruptive concepts and innovative companies such as google or starbucks preach the Rand way of life ? Why do rackets such as the mls and real estate agents need to face real competition like newspapers have ? What is fine line between free market and "american greed" ? These are just a few of my ideas...

John Galt turned his back to society when the unrelenting demands of an entitlement-driven society asked for more. While I generally agree, I take a more balanced approach. Like Alan Greenspan recently said during the aftermath of the financial crisis, he was shocked that his core belief of "free markets" failed for the first time. It seems like they do from time to time (albeit very rarely), and I want to contemplate why.

Hopefully for the few that will read this, atma will lead to open, balanced discussions, new approaches to business, and thought-provoking, philosophical-driven debates about the current market headlines. Hope you enjoy.


  1. Read Niall Ferguson's Ascent of Money. Also check out his recent article in Foreign Affairs about what is really happening with the US. Great history and explanation. Is finance behaviorial or efficient? Probably not one or the other, but it does tend to be evolutionary (but also keeps repeating itself because no one pays attention to financial history).